Moments That Matter, As You Haven’t Seen Them Before. Yes, These Videos Are Truly Unreel

If the camera had been rolling when I first read the descriptions of Unreel, I would be immortalized online as a giphy eye roll. “Personalized video,” “a different video experience,” video playlists… I braced myself for another YouTube wannabe. I prepared myself for routine disappointment and boredom. After all, I’d heard similar language so many times before.


Then I visited, and I have to admit: Unreel is pretty unreal.


unreel landing


As for the proprietary tech that finds videos online that each viewer might care about? The first video I glimpsed was about the difficulties faced by a returning expat – and I moved to New Orleans last week after three years abroad. Scary smart.


If the next video had been about finding a nanny, I’d be trying to partner up. Well, not really, I don’t have an investor’s bank account, but you get the idea. When Unreel says that they look at engagement data – comments, hashtags, keywords, channels – to find the best of what’s out there, they’re not messing around. They’re dialed in.


Before I could recover from being blown away by how on point the content was for moi, I was completely taken aback by the speed of Unreel. We’re talking near instant videos, friends. As a new father who appreciates the difference seconds in load time can make between a sleeping or screaming baby, I was impressed greatly. Click, and there you have it. No spinning wheels, no distracting ads. Just videos playing.


And the view is gorgeous. Unreeel’s fullscreen player makes you want to keep watching. (It’s embeddable on any website or mobile app, and you’ll no doubt want it on both.) You’ve probably watched your fair share of slow, fitful, or downright ugly videos. Unreel is none of these things. They offer a slate of trending, lol, yolo (you only live once), arcade, aww, and tunes, and I had to sample them all.


The company’s mission is to “map and index the world’s digital media; to go beyond the meta-data and surface life’s most amazing moments.” Like others, the deploy a bumblebee robot to find out what’s buzzing on the web – but it actually works for Unreel! A fantastic start.


If you love videos (is there anyone online that doesn’t?), you need to have a look at Unreel without delay. This is big data that’s easy to appreciate, delivering at blazing speed. Personally tailored videos, new video channels created around what matters to you, playing immediately, presented beautifully….


As fun as it is to wax rhapsodic, I must interrupt myself to ask why I’m still talking to you. There’s so much I can’t wait to find, share, talk about, on Unreel.


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Unreel | Antonio Guillem/Shutterstock