Unlockmyphonenow.com – Unlock Your Cellphone Online

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Unlocking your phone means sending it away to someone who can get the job done, and having to do without it for the best part of a week. Which is never an option when you use your phone to do your daily job. Or if you have relatives traveling abroad, and you want to be in contact with them 24/7, just in case something happens. But this company is here to change that. UnlockMyPhoneNow.com provides customers with remote unlocking services. Yes, that’s right: this company can unlock your phone for you, without you having to send it away. It doesn’t matter where you are, it can always get the job done equally fast.

This company can unlock Nokia, Samsung, Motorola and LG phones in exactly the same way. You just have to supply some basic information, and then the Unlock My Phone Now team will send you a unique code. When used, this code will lift all these network restrictions that keep you from enjoying your phone to the full.

How much this will cost you, now, depends on which phone you want to unlock. Older Nokias can be unlocked for as little as $10. Motorolas can be unlocked for $20, LGs for $25. The most expensive mobiles to unlock are the ones in the newest BlackBerry series. These cost $40.

And it must also be mentioned that this company sells world SIM cards. These let you make free roaming calls wherever you are. If you get one, you’ll be able to call your family and your loved ones and let them know how you’re doing even when you’re a thousand miles away.