Unlocking Advanced Solar Power

Technological innovation is all around us – but the ones with true potential to change our society don’t happen overnight.


Solar power is certainly no exception.  Harnessing the sun’s energy to produce electricity was first seriously explored back in the 1970s; but despite some market acceptance here and there, is still a long ways away from widespread residential and commercial usage.


Inefficient infrastructure is the primary reason for this waiting game.  In the majority of situations, consumers and small businesses are forced to give up control and rely on centralized grids operated by large corporations – or forgo solar power altogether.

Now, it’s time for the advancement that will take solar to the next level.  Introducing Power2Peer: a solar technology company with a vision to provide a clean alternative to the main electrical supply grid.


The innovative Power2Peer system combines Blockchain, peer-to-peer energy trading, big data analytics, and microgrids to facilitate local power distribution.  “By facilitating the distribution of locally generated power gathered by microgrids of connected solar panels, we will empower communities to become energy independent,” stated Power2Peer Founder Nishikant Sonwalkar.


Power2Peer allows people and businesses to trade energy within local markets and “electrify” through a decentralized power grid.  To this end, power will always be there when you need it – even when the grid goes down during a storm – and you’ll save both money and the environment by using only what you need.

Users can even earn extra revenue by selling surplus energy back to their community.  Other features and benefits Power2Peer delivers include:

  • Decreased carbon emissions
  • Microgrids utilize SunDensity PSC panels (10% more efficient than the status quo)
  • Eliminates dependence on utility corporation infrastructure
  • Stimulates the local economy, including employment creation
  • Puts less strain on large corporate utility infrastructures


Mr. Sonwalkar first began R&D on the Power2Peer concept back in 2016.  Since then, they’ve worked hand-in-hand with partners like SunDensity and 180 South Solar to develop the system – ultimately submitting a minimally viable product to the city of Burlington, Massachusetts in April 2018.  Initial marketing efforts have been executed along the way as well.


The company plans to launch its own public token, to be used for energy trading, by the end of 2018.  After that, you can expect to see Power2Peer within your local community soon after.

We urge you to visit power2peer.com to learn more about this breakthrough solar innovation.  If you have any questions, please email the company at [email protected].