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The Easiest Way To Unload Your Unwanted Stuff

Today’s Killer Startup: Unload



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Elevator Pitch:

Unload helps you get rid of your stuff, without the hassle.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

My mom used to put bags that were bound for Salvation Army next to the front door, presumably so that she’d see them on her way out and remember to make the two block detour to drop them off on her way to work. Problem is, those bags would sit next to the door for months and months because she just never had the time to take care of them. The clothing was more likely to end up back in our dressers than at Salvation Army, when my little brother or I realized that we “needed” some shirt or pair of pants that was buried deep in the bags.


My mom seriously needed Unload. Unfortunately for her, smartphones and apps were still things of scifi, but you, reader living in 2015, can avoid the hassle that is dealing with your own old stuff and get the assistants at Unload to do it for you.


Here’s how it works. You text a photo of the thing you want to get rid of to (424)373-3353. Your Unload assistant determines whether your item would be best sold, donated, or recycled and figures out the information on how to make the appropriate choice happen. If selling is an option, they’ll tell you how much you can expect to get out of it. Then they’ll arrange to pick it up from you, or you can drop it off at the postal service office at your convenience.


Unload takes 5% of the selling price of any item they sell for you, which goes to the assistant. It’s a small fee for taking the hassle of getting rid of your stuff off of your hands.


Don’t end up like mom. Get rid of that unwanted stuff, clear out your space, and potentially make a few extra dollars with Unload.



You know it’s good to reduce, reuse, and recycle, but you don’t have the time. Let @unload_it do it for you!


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Author : Emma McGowan

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