Unlinker.com – Viewing Several Thumbnail Images At Once

Unlinker.comThis is the kind of add-on that does not necessarily revolutionize the way that people surf the web or access information, yet it proves to be so useful to the ones who will really employ it makes hard for them to realize they did without it before.

In general terms, it provides users with a context menu solution which can be employed to view images in a webpage that are originally presented either as thumbnails or as links to be clicked on.

Such a functionality saves the user several clicks, and this in turn saves a considerable amount of time, not to mention that it avoids going back and forth to open up the relevant files.

This add-on is available for free, and both Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer users are currently supported. Let’s see which other browsers are supported next, as this is a practical tool that can come in handy when you least expect it. Visit www.unlinker.com in order to learn more and install it if you feel like expanding your browser’s inherent capabilities.

Unlinker.com In Their Own Words

“A Lightweight Firefox Add-on to Make Image Browsing Easy.”

Why Unlinker.com It Might Be A Killer

Those who are looking for more and more ways of saving time online will most likely find it appealing.

Some Questions About Unlinker.com

Will other browsers be eventually taken into consideration? Unlinker.com