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UnitedLiberty.orgShould you ever want to inform yourself on the current state of political affairs in the United States, the United Liberty blog is a very suitable resource. The many contents available are grouped by category, and (as it was to be expected) there is comprehensive information on the upcoming elections.


You can read all about Obama and McCain, and the way things are shaping up. Forthcoming political events such as debates are also announced on the site, and you can request a reminder be sent to your inbox, and also the date that reminder should be sent to you.

Moreover, the blog includes links to further online resources such as other blogs like Third Party Watch and Liberty Maven. Links to organizations like “Iraq Veterans Against The War” and “Freedom Advocates” are provided as well.

As it is the case with blogs, you can peruse older posts by month, and a tag cloud is provided on the main page so that you can find items that interest you with great ease. Besides, the most popular posts are prominently highlighted and you can also visualize the articles that have attracted the most attention among the blog’s readership. In Their Own Words

“United Liberty – Individual Liberty – Limited Government.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

People will appreciate having all the information on the upcoming elections on the same spot.

Some Questions About

How often is the blog updated? Can I submit an article of my own to be published online?

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