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Unique savings maximizer lets you sell coupons you can’t use.

Checkout Saver, which has been available to shoppers since its launch in 2015, offers a powerful new way to triple your savings on purchases from AliExpress, WalMart and a wide variety of other popular, national retailers.


The service, founded by former Tiger-team security analyst-turned entrepreneur Justin Wynn, is designed to give shoppers more control over their spending power. It does this in three different ways, but the ost revolutionary is how it handles unique loyalty coupons that vendors share with major buyers.

Have you ever received a unique coupon code from a vendor or online retailer? These one-off, auto-generated codes usually offer significant savings, but only if you buy more things almost right away. Many of these codes come from niche vendors, and will expire long before a second order is ever placed.

Checkout Saver provides a viable multi-user marketplace in which users can re-sell their unique coupon codes to other users who require savings but don’t have a purchase history with the coupon-issuing vendor. Instead of savings going to waste, coupon sellers earn a little cash, and new customers can enjoy the same deals as long-time customers.

Reselling your unneeded coupons is just one of the three ways Checkout Saver helps you save money at checkout. The app is also part of an extensive network of retail chains, all of which issue regular members-only savings codes, all of which are automatically stored in the system and applied whenever you make a purchase at any of the in-network retailers.

As all coupon transactions happen privately, inside Checkout Saver’s own network, you get to enjoy savings from many great stores, all the while keeping your personal information safe and secure.

In addition to coupon sales and automatic coupon tracking, Checkout Saver offers users further cost-cutting assistance by paying users a cashback amount on common purchases. The cashback percentage varies, from 5% for clothing and shoes up to a whopping 35% cashback on some travel-related services.

Checkout saver is available from their website at and has already built up a strong following of loyal customers. It is a “Great extension that works with a lot of stores,” according to user Jessica W. “Super simple, it just pops up when I’m on a website it works with, click to activate and I’m saving money!”

Dan M. concurs, in a 5-star Google Review. “Since privacy is important to me I appreciate their commitment to keeping my info mine. Super easy to use and really does save a lot of money.”

Checkout Saver

Author : Owen Ferguson

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