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UnintentionalEntrepreneur.comSelf-touted as “a new breed of entrepreneurs (that) has recently emerged from these tough economic conditions”, the Unintentional Entrepreneurs website is aimed at all the many individuals that have been forced to strike on their own owing to the financial climate, and not their willingness to start a business out of vocation or aspiration.

The website includes resources for such individuals, as well as detailing upcoming events of note.

Resources include not only tips and articles but also guides that can be perused at will. These materials deal with aspects such as managing financial transactions and marketing methods, as well as the basics of bookkeeping and business tax tips.

This initiative is presented by Outright and Network Solutions. They actually offer free services in order to let these unintentional entrepreneurs have a better start, including online bookkeeping and a business profile webpage and web address.

I feel it is very important to have a resource such as this one – not everybody chooses to start a business out of personal realization or owing to his vocation nowadays. These individuals are driven by different goals, and the approach has to be different. This site will cater for them minutely. In Their Own Words

“ is an initiative brought to you by and Network Solutions to support the challenges facing a unique segment of new business owners; Unintentional Entrepreneurs. With little help from the credit marketing, government, or economy, we’re a country with explosive growth amongst self-employed professionals, side business owners or freelancers who are starting and growing their own businesses. The site,, delivers much needed resources for business growth and success to small businesses, including an online resource of articles, trips and guides for new business owners.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

These unintentional entrepreneurs are a tangible reality. A resource such as this one (covering their every need) was only natural.

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