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Undrln.com“Highlights from the world of advertising, marketing and design” is the tagline of this web-based resource, and that is exactly what you will find if you direct your browser to www.undrln.


Presented by smashLAB, the site gathers together industry news that are submitted by site users. By way of example, some of these have titles such as “6 reasons websites fail at getting their points across”, “Deciding to buy or build web applications” and “How NOT to design a logo”.

As it is customary with sites that aggregate news, the most popular scoops are prominently highlighted for you to have an immediate appreciation of the way things are taking shape and act immediately should that be necessary. Furthermore, the top contributors to the site are highlighted in the section under the “Best karma users” banner.

At the end of the day, this site does it job with correction, and you know that if you spend some time sifting through it you are more than likely to come up with some food for thought.

Undrln.com In Their Own Words

“Highlights from the world of advertising, marketing and design.”

Why Undrln.com It Might Be A Killer

It is a user-driven resource that will help anybody have a good umbrella knowledge of the way things click in the industry.

Some Questions About Undrln.com

How many items are usually submitted per day? Undrln.com