Make Your Laptop Un-Stealable With Betabrand’s Under-The-Jack Pack

Today’s Killer Startup: Under-The-Jack Pack by Betabrand




Elevator Pitch:

Under-The-Jack Pack is a backpack slim enough to carry just your laptop, under your jacket.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

I’ve recently relocated to Ho Chi Minh City and have been warned no less than a million times that my “purse will get stolen” here. Now, I’m a pretty careful lady and I’ve been almost robbed many times, although the thieves have yet to succeed. (Cue me knocking on everything wood within arm length.) But that’s doesn’t mean I’m not being extra cautious here — and also considering buying an Under-The-Jack Pack.


The Under-The-Jack Pack is perfect not only for white girls in Vietnam who stand out like an eggplant in a tomato patch but also for anyone who just doesn’t want to broadcast that they’re carrying around a very, very expensive piece of equipment. It’s a form-fitting bag that holds your laptop and charger close enough to your body that it won’t even be seen under a loose-fitting jacket. It’s like the hipper, bigger version of those dorky passport packs that old people wear when they travel abroad.


Beyond just making sure people can’t easily steal your shit, the Betabrand site recommends the Under-The-Jack Pack for crowded commuter trains, bars at happy hour, or anywhere else where you don’t want to deal with a bulky backpack but still have your laptop with you.


So whether you’re taking all the necessary precautions to make sure that you don’t get robbed of your most valuable possession or you’re just sick of people running into your backpack on the subway, head over to Betabrand and order your own Under-The-Jack Pack. And while you’re at it? Knock on some wood for me. I feel like I’m testing fate just by writing this post…



Make your laptop un-stealable, with the Under-The-Jack Pack by @Betabrand


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