Unbound.co.uk – Publish Your Book With Help From People

Unbound.co.ukCrowdsourcing comes to the world of literature in a grand way thanks to this new UK-based startup. Unbound basically lets authors pitch their ideas for books, and people support these ideas. The way the site works, the one idea that gets more support is the one that is being turned into a book. And once the book is ready and it becomes purchasable, the profits are split 50/50 between the author and all the people who supported him to begin with.

A service such as this one is going to be largely appreciated both by unpublished and published authors. The former will love it simply because they will have a splendid chance to enter the market once and for all. And the latter will be able to break from the constraints of their publishers. You might not know it, but publishing houses can be very stiff when it comes to what they let authors actually write. Something like Unbound will let authors regain their creative freedom once and for all, and follow their muses wherever they want to take them.

Unbound.co.uk In Their Own Words

Books are now in your hands.

Why Unbound.co.uk It Might Be A Killer

It is a radically new way to have books conceived, written and published.

Some Questions About Unbound.co.uk

Will established writers go for something like this? Unbound.co.uk