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Umundo.comMySpace still matters.But so does Facebook, Orkut, Hi5, Yahoo, cellphones and iPods.


Just sample a look at Umundo, the newest cellphone video-to-your –outlet-of-choice facilitator. Mobile video to internet is the current trend. YouTube’s going mobile in May and Myspace is soon launching a video platform too. So Umundo fits well and has lots of room to grow. It’s simple to use. Any cell phone toting citizen can do it. Just register, then upload your video to your pc and send it to Umundo or send it direct via MMS. You can view featured channels, check out events and get social with comments, ratings, and favorites. All this is free. In Their Own Words

“Opt in and let the content chase you. Stay update anytime, anywhere on platform of your choice.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Umundo is a versatile platform that brings mobile moments to your favorite social network, blog or website. It doesn’t require much to use and you keep your friends updated while on the go.

Some Questions About

Is Umundo ready for the competition once YouTube goes mobile? Will it find its critical user base? What’s its business model?


Author : Bruce Turner

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