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Umagram.comUmagram is a new application that can basically extend the power of Twitter, and turn it into a much wider messaging platform. For starters, Umagram lets you message even those who you are not following. And Umagram also comes with group messaging capabilities, enabling you to gather everybody around and discuss things together.


The way in which people you are not following can be messaged is implemented very cleverly. Basically, you send a tweet in which you mention the person you want to talk to, and then Umagram posts the tweet with a unique link to the conversation. And this tweet will be only visible to that person, since users of Umagram have to log in with a specific Twitter identity.

In this way, you are saved the hassle of having to send direct messages out. I mean, contacting someone like that involves sending a message first to see if they are willing to follow you, and then sending another with your email addresses for the conversation to finally begin in earnest. Using Umagram, that process is more than halved. And those who use Twitter professionally (and who just have no time to waste sending unnecessary messages) could hardly ask for more. In Their Own Words

Social Media Made Personal.

Why It Might Be A Killer

People who use Twitter to make professional connections will have their work cut for them.

Some Questions About

What about the future? What enhancements are planned?

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