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Ultimategiftsforyou.comOffering $500 gift certificates for top US teen and casual wear stores like Abercrombie and American Eagle, the process at is very much like any of any other consumer incentive marketing program: conduct some product sampling or survey answering and you’ll get your gift as advertised, provided that you are a US resident, supply the same contact address throughout the process, don’t return any of the purchases you might have to buy as a part of the process to get your gift card and so on: just average industry formalities.


As is the case with many marketing tools like this one, offers are available in restricted areas of the US, and since you have to register and carry out a number of steps, plus waiting four weeks to redeem your prize, the whole notion of quick money is a bit elusive, but hey, with less than one month to Christmas, $500 worth of Abercrombie presents seems interesting, to say the least.

Author : Steve Dixon

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