UiKnow.com – It´s About What You and I Know

UiKnow.comRemember the guys from U Illinois Urbana-Champaign who created Mosaic, which later became the browser of millions—Netscape ring any bells? Well since then they have been hard at work at their next hit which will revolutionize the web the way Mosiac did, but taking the world wide web of information and making it available in a whole new way: I am talking about UiKnow. It is a plug-in for internet explorer which help you to find, organize, create, and share information.

The plug-in is about what you and I know, because two brains, or more like, millions of brains are better than one. Drop and drag information, color code it, delete search results, add more, edit as you go. You will have access to your information each time you open up your UiKnow Search Space, and then can share it with others. Once you have searched for information, and then organized it, you can share your knowledge with other users, rate and review other´s work to help promote more relevant information.

UiKnow.com In Their Own Words

“is a free plug-in for Internet Explorer that helps you find, organize, create and share information! for many searches, a visual representation of your search results is superior to a list of links. Think about how you perform a search for research or homework related topics with your favorite search engine. Now, try UiKnow and you´ll appreciate the difference!You´ll never want to go back to “plain old lists of links” again! How do you organize things when you find them on the Internet? Bookmarks or Favorites? Ever try to find something that you Bookmarked or added to Favorites a month or 6 months ago? You probably do the search over.”