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uFollow.comWe can define uFollow as a tracking service for online authors. Anybody can use it to create a true stream with posts from the authors he has always been ken on, or that he has just become acquainted with. All that he needs to do is specify the writers and/or sources that he always turn to in order to remain informed, and the application will bring everything together into a channel of its own.

And the site highlights not only the most interesting sources but also the most reliable reporters on its main page. So, those who are interested in a specific topic but are unsure who the most reliable reporters are can look there for inspiration. Each featured author has a short profile, giving everybody a good understanding of why following him would be a sound idea.

Of course, lots of generic channels are also listed for you to follow the ones you like best, and then extract what you find more interesting about them. Health, Food, Real Estate, Fashion, Gardening, Pets… if it is anything remotely popular, then it is going to be featured on uFollow.com for you to delve into.

uFollow.com In Their Own Words

uFollow is a free service that helps you keep track of your favorite authors online.

Why uFollow.com It Might Be A Killer

The site makes it incredibly easy to follow your favorite authors while getting acquainted with new ones.

Some Questions About uFollow.com

Which topics are in more demand? uFollow.com