Ueatcheap.com – Online Dining Guide for Cheap Eats

Ueatcheap.comUeatcheap.com is an online catalogue of restaurants where patrons can eat a full meal for $10 a person or less.

Users log on to search for the best local cheap dining options, and read corresponding reviews of the respective cuisine. Types of food range from Burmese to vegetarian to soul food. Currently there are 13 United States cities whose restaurants are catalogued. Listed cities include San Francisco, Boston, and New York, among others. If users try to search for their zip code or city but do not get any search results back, they can be the first to add their own restaurant reviews for their area. Users also have the option to sign up and receive coupons for current local joints, as well as updates for new restaurants opening up nearby.

Ueatcheap.com In Their Own Words

“Ueatcheap.com is a website for people to find places to eat for $10 or less a person. Whether you are looking for Mexican, or Chinese, Ueatcheap can help you locate places to eat on a budget in your area.”

Why Ueatcheap.com It Might Be A Killer

Ueatcheap.com is a great restaurant guide for the listed cities. There are numerous cheap eats already posted, with the potential to grow even more. Encouraging users to list their own favorite restaurants is a great way to keep the site moving forward.

Some Questions About Ueatcheap.com

What additional cities can be added? How may hungry cheap eaters learn about this site? What groups should be marketed to based on their appreciation for cheap dining? Ueatcheap.com