UCrime.com – Campus Safety Information

UCrime.comThis one is a new endeavor that will let college students located anywhere within the United States have immediate access to crime reports and interactive maps that are updated in real-time.

The opening screen encompasses an index that touches upon every State making up the country, and by clicking on the desired location you can inform yourself about local statistics and alerts as well as accessing the abovementioned crime map.

In addition to that, the website makes it possible for anybody to sign up for crime alerts. Just furnish your address when prompted in order to receive that information in your inbox.

On the other hand, a crime can be reported by clicking on the banner that goes by the same name. Make sure to read the “Crime Classification” list beforehand if you intend to do so, though.

At the end of the day, this is one of these resources that put the Internet to the best possible uses. As such, it will be greatly appreciated by the public that it is addressed to.

UCrime.com In Their Own Words

“The most comprehensive online source of crime information. Local maps, crime reports & classifications, real-time interactive maps.”

Why UCrime.com It Might Be A Killer

It is a practical service which is implemented very well.

Some Questions About UCrime.com

Shouldn’t the crime classification list be more exhaustive when describing each crime? Shouldn’t examples be provided? UCrime.com