Ubiqq.com – Videoconferencing Made Easy

Ubiqq.comUbiqq can be best-described as a videoconferencing application that is geared towards those who have no experience at all when it comes to such matters, and need to get started really quickly.

As such, the site provides a ready-to-use solution that dispenses with procedural headaches of any kind.

In essence, what Ubiqq does is to create a URL that upon being accessed by the other person will enable both individuals to start chatting right away. That is it. No need to install or configure anything, and there are no expenses to be incurred into for using Ubiqq.

There are always people who still have to catch up with certain aspects of the digital world, and who don’t even have Skype installed on their computers. This sector of the online community will benefit from such a web-based solution, and start realizing the potential the Internet has for connecting online in a more personalized form.

Ubiqq.com In Their Own Words

“Have a good-real-time.”

Why Ubiqq.com It Might Be A Killer

Those who still have to catch up with videoconferencing can get a taster of what is like through this application.

Some Questions About Ubiqq.com

Is this solution entirely web-based? Ubiqq.com