UberNote.com – Never Forgets

UberNote.comHaving trouble to keep organized while traveling? Have tons of little papers with to do lists, ideas and thoughts, or any other kind of personal notes? Then check out this site. UberNote is a web app designed for storing notes, bookmarks, to do lists, and other relevant information in text version, which can be then linked or tagged in order to gain faster access and personalized organization.

The navigation panels are very simple, and include title, date and category, and the content allows basic formatting. In order to use UberNote you need to generate an account not unlike other Webmail accounts, which has the virtue to be accessible and worked on from any computer, and then just start using the app.

UberNote.com In Their Own Words

“UberNote is a central all purpose notes and personal information manager accessible through your browser. Just like yahoo mail, gmail, and hotmail are used for you to access your email anywhere, UberNote is used to access your personal notes anywhere. Personal notes such as to do lists, web clips, research, bookmarks, contacts, and any random thoughts or ideas. You never know when you are going to have your next idea or where you are when you want to access it. With UberNote you can keep yourself organized as you go.”

Why UberNote.com It Might Be A Killer

Personalized organization tools are always handy, especially if you can keep working with the same trails of ideas and priorities from any place, and can help minimize the craze and volume of random notes and information. At having everything in one place you’ll never loose little pieces of paper again. The site has an ongoing forum where users request changes and new features to be added to the app, so in a way it is being built on specific users needs, which is always a good thing, especially taking into account that the app is so basic.

Some Questions About UberNote.com

The fact that notes can be only text is a bit of a downside, as multimedia content can be very useful when doing research. Also, there is not much sharing or real-time collaboration, which is a feature that most interactive office suites like Google’s or Acrobat’s do have, and which makes UberNote look a bit poor in comparison. Will they go on to work in the app in order to polish its definitely useful interface? UberNote.com