Need A Little Extra Hand Getting Around? Check Out uberASSIST

Today’s Killer Startup: uberASSIST




Elevator Pitch:

uberASSIST is, literally, the Uber for people with special needs.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

By now, if you haven’t heard of Uber, you’re living under a very dark rock and I”m not sure how you found your way to this website. If that’s the case, let me remind you. Uber is the one-tap, on-demand taxi service that has revolutionized the way people around the world interact with taxis. They’ve also become the thing that everyone in the startup world refers to when they want to communicate that their product is easy to use and convenient. “The Uber of snail mail,” “the Uber of laundry,” “The Uber of…”


Got it? Good. Now let’s talk about uberASSIST.


uberASSIST is literally the Uber for people with special needs. Folks in wheelchairs, elderly people with mobility issues, or anyone else who needs an extra hand can tap on the Promotions section of the regular Uber app, type in the code ASSIST, and uberASSIST will pop up on the slider. From there, it’s basically the same as the regular Uber, although they do recommend that people contact their drivers with any specific needs for a smoother ride. The whole thing costs the same as uberX.


All of the drivers on uberASSIST are trained by the Open Doors Organization, so passengers can rest assured that they’re riding with people who know how to do things like help them into their vehicles and accommodate any wheelchairs, walkers, or scooters.


While I personally don’t need the services of uberASSIST at this point in my life, it’s not hard to imagine a time when that could be the case. Folks with special needs need special help, and it’s great that Uber is stepping in to help fill that gap.



Need a little extra help getting from point A to point B? Check out #uberASSIST form @Uber


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