U-bidit.com Helps Homeowners Connect With Reputable Contractors Within Their Budgets For All Their Home Improvement Needs

Homeownership is daunting for many reasons, and being responsible for your own repairs – and home improvements – is pretty high on that list. Find reputable contrators can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re looking for, especially if you’re working with a budget. U-Bidit.com, a new online service, is here to help by connecting homeowners with reputable contractors within their budget in their area.
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Ubidit is the only online interactive auction style project board where homeowners can post their home improvement projects and repairs along with an offering price, an accept it now offer, and a max price point they are willing to pay. Home service providers – contractors, handymen, tradesmen, interior decorators, etc –  can view jobs that are posted on the project board daily to view, accept a bid, or place a bid they feel is fair for what they would perform the project, repair, or service for.


How It Works

Upload your project: Post your project with a photo and a brief description of the scope of work to be done, select a project category that best matches your home repair or improvement need, and enter a price point you feel is fair for both you and the service professional. Your project will then be posted onto a project board where services pros who specialize in your posted trade can view your offer, and have the option to accept your offer, counter offer, or even offer a price below your asking price to obtain your job.


Get Bids: You’ll receive bids from pre-screened, licensed/registered home improvement professionals in your state, and can choose based on the best prices offered or their customer rating and reviews. Ubidit’s instant messenger service allows you to ask further questions or gain clarity on your project before you choose to hire a specific professional through their site.

Get Connected: As soon as your hiring request is processed, your information will be sent to the service professional you selected. Shortly after, they’ll contact you to discuss your project, or you can opt to contact them at your convenience.


If you’re a homeowner looking to do some home improvements or repairs and not sure where to start, head over to U-Bidit.com for more information and to sign up.



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