search cancel – Make Fun Backgrounds is a tool that allows you to create typo backgrounds.


The tool is easy to use. First you type in a word, and then choose the format of the page click generate and wait for your typo background. What the typoGenerator does is search for images on google and then randomly makes your background with those images. Everything is random, the text style, colors, and background design. If you want to change your background but there was an aspect of the one you made that you like you can keep it. For example if you liked the text style you can keep it and change the color and background. You can choose to either destroy or keep certain aspects of the background you created. If you want some ideas of how it works take a look at the gallery of backgrounds. If you like one of the backgrounds you made you can add it to the gallery. You can use the background on your personal web site; the backgrounds made at cannot be used on commercial websites. Have fun making unique backgrounds at In Their Own Words

“what is typogenerator?
typoGenerator is a random generator for ‘typoPosters’. a typoPoster is a poster, created from images and letters/text that doesnt have any sense, just to look good

how does typogenerator work?
the user types some text; typoGenerator searches for the text and creates a background from the found images, using randomly chosen effects. then it places the text, using random effects too.”

Why It Might Be A Killer is easy to navigate. The site doesn’t have an over abundance of information, just the necessary elements. It is nice that the homepage features three examples of the backgrounds you can make. The gallery is great for giving users additional example of backgrounds. The more examples the better, the user can get an idea of all the different types of backgrounds he/she can make. The guestbook is a good idea as well; it is always good to have a section where the users can express themselves.

Some Questions About

It would be nice if you cold choose some elements of you background such as color. The random aspect of the tool can be frustrating. There some grammatical errors on the site that could be corrected. Will eventually have an option for those who want to use the backgrounds for commercial purposes?

Author : Charly Zaks

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