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Typingmaster.comThis site offer a product called TypingMaster Pro 7 which is a professional typing tutor that helps you to double your typing speed. Unlike traditional typing drill programs, it monitors your progress, identifies the areas where you need additional practice, and creates exercises designed to improve these areas.

This personal approach dramatically reduces the time it takes to become a proficient touch typist. TypingMaster Pro 7 provides a mix of teaching techniques, from visual keyboard drills and timed text typing, to games and personalized reviews. You’ll receive a detailed analysis of every exercise and typing test, and a rich mix of graphics and statistics to monitor your progress. Typical typing exercises take only a few minutes, allowing you to easily fit lessons into your normal work day. With this software, you can put your typing skills into practice after only three to five hours of training. As you learn to type more effectively, you concentrate less on finding the right keys, and concentrate more on the ideas that you need to communicate. Touch typists use their time more productively, and project a more professional image in their written communications.

Typingmaster.com In Their Own Words

“TypingMaster has developed software for typing training and testing both for organizational customers as well as home users since 1992. TypingMaster is a steadily growing incorporated company located in Helsinki, Finland. Our flagship product is an award-winning TypingMaster Pro typing trainer available in nine languages. Thanks to a combination of unique training features and user-friendly design, TypingMaster Pro is today a leading product in its category.”

Why Typingmaster.com It Might Be A Killer

Whether you’re a business person who can increase your income by increasing your typing speed and accuracy, a student who wants to improve your grades by eliminating typos and increasing the quality of your writing, or a parent who wants a typing tutor that lets each family member receive personalized coaching, feedback, and statistics, TypingMaster Pro 7 has the tools that you need.

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