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TypeKids.comModern kids learn to use computers and electronic devices at a speed which is nothing short of amazing. It’s as if they came into the world with a sort of awareness that people of our generation just never knew. Yet, that doesn’t mean parents should take things for granted. If you’re one, you should never assume your children will get to know how to use a computer just by being left alone with it for a while. They might get really, really far. But if you’re there to guide them along the way, the better off they will be. And if you want to make sure that the whole experience is 100% productive, then give them something like TypeKids.

TypeKids is a 30-lesson course that comes with animations and the kind of content that children are sure to love. This course lets them learn touch typing by becoming part of a treasure hunt, with a character named Captain Forty leading the way.

The best thing about TypeKids is that the course is 100% flexible. It can easily figure out which letters have to be practiced more, and change the exercises to place all the focus on these letters your kid has got trouble with.

This touch typing course comes at a cost, but the first three lessons are available for free. Follow this link to get started.

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Touch typing course for children.

Some Questions About TypeKids.com

What happens at the end of the course? Do the children get a diploma that they can print, and show to their friends? TypeKids.com