TypeFront.com – A Platform For Distributing Fonts

TypeFront.comWeb typographers everywhere are going to find this new platform well worth a gander. We can define it as a platform that makes for uploading and distributing proprietary fonts.

That is, typographers are given a chance to upload their very own fonts and making them accessible to people who are looking for the right typefaces to go with. The upload process also involves adding the name of your own websites, as others will be able to see them in all their glory and call upon them from those very same sites.

Whenever a font is uploaded, it is converted in three different formats, and these three formats taken as a whole will render any font viewable on Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chome and Safari. The three font formats, by the way, are “OpenType”, “Extended OpenType” and “Web Open Font Format”.

Furthermore, you can specify that only certain sites use your fonts. A domain checking process will ensure that only these sites that you have allowed through the provided dashboard will be able to do so, and your work will therefore be protected from abusive behavior at all times.

TypeFront.com In Their Own Words

“TypeFront is for designers who are looking to take advantage of the new wave of downloadable font support in browsers – without serving their valuable font files from a place that any other web site can include them from.”

Why TypeFront.com It Might Be A Killer

It will let web typographers get the recognition that they deserve, along with their due remuneration.

Some Questions About TypeFront.com

How widespread can this become? Won’t casual users simply go for any of the endless fonts that are available for free? TypeFront.com