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Tynt.comTynt.Com, is the home to tracer.


But one may ask, to trace what? Well this company provides a java code which you may easily install on your site to track what people do when they are on your website.

Here’s how it works, you go online and you subscribe for free, they send you a confirmation e-mail and you are pretty much done to get going. Once you are all setup the piece of code starts tracking what people do on your site and which bits they find more interesting. How do they do this? What they do is measure actions such as for instance when they highlight with their mouse a specific term, or when they copy and paste it generate a log for your visualization about this action.

The best thing perhaps is how it helps you take advantage of all those copy and pasted bits of your site since it inserts a link automatically taking the person back to the site where the content originates. In this way you will be taking double advantage of whatever bit of your site is deemed interesting by your audience.

Most likely, the best thing about the stats produced by traced is that with this information you may finally identify which are the strong points of your site. In this way you may focus your work on this targeted area to improve your sites success. In Their Own Words

‘What is Tracer? Tracer tracks user actions on your website including copy/paste and highlight to help you learn what content your users find most engaging. Tracer drives traffic back to your site using your copied content with no extra effort or cost.’

Why It Might Be A Killer

Their application helps to increase the amount of traffic returning to your site. Hence, many people will be wanting to use this service.

Some Questions About

Will this application work for all sites?

Author : Bill Webb

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