– Tune Into The Twitter Buzzsphere

Twuzzer.comWhile there are many ways to keep up with what’s buzzing in Twitter, another addition to the family is always welcome. Twuzzer.

com allows you to see what the most talked about topics are throughout the day in Twitter. You’ll be able to see a map once you get on the site. Just click on your area to see what the most talked about topics are. Twitter is getting better and better everyday at breaking news stories and this site is what you need to see the news happen. The interactive interface should be enough for people to figure out how to use the service. All you need to use the site is having a Twitter account. Once you log in, you’ll be able to start following what’s hot (let’s call it the Buzzphere). While the concept might be simple, since the site is really easy to use, it should keep people coming back to see what’s buzzing on Twitter. In Their Own Words

“Twuzzer is a product of syndeolabs. It is an auto-refreshing, real-time geo-twitter mashup.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The concept is not new, but it is really well thought out. It is from the same guys that brought us InfiniTube, so that let’s us know that it is a great product.

Some Questions About

Why choose this one over the many other similar services? Why the error message every time Twitter disconnects?