KillerStartups – Whose Twurn Is It?

Twurn.comAnd yet another Twitter application hits the spotlights! This is a new and entertaining application that was designed with the purpose to help people resolve some potential conflicts. What kid of conflicts? The problems that can arise from the most innocent things going on life. For instance if it is not clear who has to make the coffee or anything like that this solution will send tweets that help users to have everything clear.

How does it work? Simply by sending random tweets to decide who the person that was “twurn” to do something is. The system is truly random and that is important because it gives you the security you need so others do not cheat on you. The only thing you have to do is to enter a task along with the names for the pool of challengers and the system is going to work it out.

If you have a Twitter account you do not have to register because you can use it in order to operate on Twurn account. In case you do not have a Twitter account you can create your Twurn without logging in. However you will not get a tweet due to the fact that only tweeted Twurns are “Official”. Simple, easy, and straightforward, this solution will help you and your friends to know who was selected to perform different tasks. In Their Own Words

“Whose Twurn is it? Let Twurn decide!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is going to be an interesting solution for twitter users mainly.

Some Questions About

Does the application offer any additional service?

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