– Organize Travels Via Twitter

TwtTrip.comTwtTrip is yet another solution developed by the TwtApps team, and this one can be best-described as a travel organizer that will let you share your travel plans with fellow Twitter users.

To set this system in practice, you have to submit a specific set of information that includes where you are going to and the dates of departure and arrival.

Of course, you are provided with 140 words for detailing information such as why are you going there and what activities you have planned.

This is yet another nifty little app from a talented team that keeps on delivering quality products. They have released quite a few in the past two months, and I can’ t help but think that maybe they should focus on a truly big application instead of releasing small apps one by one. Not that I’m complaining – their apps are excellent, but seeing the elegance and the deft touch the team has, I am truly interested in seeing them tackle a major project. In Their Own Words

“A simple travel organizer Twitter app.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes for arranging trips and communicating related information in the concise way that we associate with Twitter.

Some Questions About

What projects is the team going to tackle next?