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twtShots.comHow proud would you say you are of your Twitter profile picture? Do you think it is something that should be treasured for generations to come? I think that unless you have an amount of self-esteem that exceeds the ordinary, you wouldn’t care about that. The fact remains that some people do, and they have come up with this site that collects the endless profile pictures that grace the Twitterverse.


It is not as pointless as it might seem on first looks; there are people that can come up with an avatar or two that would have you staring into the screen for a good couple of minutes, either because they are graphic artists and designers that take what they do seriously enough, or because they have a bizarre sense of humor and they will come up with something to write home about. Still, in neither case the avatars are likely to be photos of themselves, but rather an image they created or found lying about.

The purpose of this site, then, is to treasure these images along with the (mostly humdrum) portraits that people often have. Maybe in many years’ time when Twitter is no more someone will scoop them up and reminisce a lot. But seeing how solid the ground that Twitter treads is, that is going to happen in a long, long time only. In Their Own Words

“Avatar Archiver: keep every twitter’s profile pictures.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those who are archivists at heart will find it appealing, I guess.

Some Questions About

How many pictures are added daily?

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