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Twtpoll.comAs its name implies, this new solution will enable you to poll your friends on the popular micro-blogging service in a more or less instant fashion. All you have to do is enter a question into the provided box, and then set down a series of possible answers for your recipients to choose from.


In true micro-blogging spirit, the poll itself is limited to 140 characters, so bear that in mind when thinking of the question you want to ask, and whether it will fit that format or not.

As well as polling your Twitter friends, this new solution makes it possible for you to poll your contacts on other social services such as Facebook, effectively broadening its scope and appeal.

Other than that, the site features a selection of recently created polls for you to see which topics are meriting the most attention. Moreover, you can readily access the most popular polls so far by following the provided link. In Their Own Words

“Poll your Twitter friends!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It puts the power of Twitter to good use, and it enables Twitterers to find immediate answers to specific concerns.

Some Questions About

Which social services are supported so far? Which ones will be added soon to the list?

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