– Finding The Cutest Pets

Twtpets.comTwtpets can be defined as an online game which is geared towards pet lovers, and which is carried out in a micro-sharing fashion. In principle, users submit a picture of their mascots and tell everybody why they are so cute.

Pets are then paired and voted upon by other members of the online community. The eventual aim is to find out who has the cutest pet around.

When uploading a picture, you must make sure that the same does not exceed the 2 MB limit at play. Remember to click on the corresponding pet category from the ones on offer, too.

These are the nuts and bolts of this system. A “Sample Battle” is included for illustrative purposes, but like the other products that the TwtApps fellows have put out recently, the focus is on providing a solution which is easy to use and even easier to get to grips with. If you like Twitter and have a soft spot for pets, consider wending your way to the URL provided below in order to either cast your vote or making a submission of your own. In Their Own Words

“Do you have the cutest #twtpet?”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Pet lovers all over the web are bound to like the approach, and the concept that lies at the heart of it.

Some Questions About

What are the pet categories that you can choose from?