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TwShot.comTwitter has now created the twshot which is a link on your toolbar where you can easily add url addresses into your Twitter account. This application can permanently exist on your toolbar so that you never have to copy and paste long url addresses to your Twitter account ever again.


All you have to do is drag the url to your twshot button and sign on to Twitter to automatically update your status. The guys at Twitter have created this application as an improved way of uploading links without the hassle of dealing with long url addresses. The website itself is just a demo for the twshot button and provides the link for you begin using it right away.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The twshot is killer because it allows those with a Twitter account even easier access to their status. Now you no longer have to deal with long url addresses that just waste your time and patience. Plus, the twshot button provides a faster way of logging into your Twitter account. But the website itself is a bit complicated to understand. The folks at Twitter should add an information page or paragraph to better explain how the new application works and its benefits.

Some Questions About

How can the website explain the new application more clearly? Is there space for a paragraph to explain the demo?

Author : Caroline Bright

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