– A Currency Of Appreciation“Twollars at its core is a currency of appreciation”, explains the team responsible for it. This team comprises Mac Taylor (when he is away from his CSI office in New York, I guess) and Eiso Kant.

The whole project was inspired by the social energy that is palpable in the Twitterverse, and the desire to turn it into something that could be harnessed and even translated into real life.

A twollar, then, is a currency for showing your gratitude and your appreciation to others on Twitter, and a currency that can be exchanged for real money in the physical world. This money is employed directly to raise funds for different charities. That is the foundation stone of Twollars.

Charities themselves can start campaigns on Twitter, and also ask bloggers to help them spread the word. The ultimate aim is to let charities have their own space within the Twollars website, so that people can inform themselves about what they do and support the one that strikes a chord with them.

It is very nice to see projects that channel the incommensurable power of Twitter for the betterment of the world we live in. When one thinks about the projection of Twitter and the way it can potentially help others, one can’t but help true respect and admiration for people who come up with initiatives such as this one. Check it out. In Their Own Words

“Twollars is a simple concept. It’s fun, it’s free and it’s designed to do good. People give you Twollars as a way of saying ‘thank you’. Then you donate your Twollars to charity. The Twollars you donate are converted by businesses and individuals into ‘real’ currencies to help raise money for charity.

From the beginning, we felt that it was important that the only way Twollars could be converted into ‘real’ currency is through donations to good causes. To enable this, we created an ecosystem on Twollars where charities can start campaigns on Twitter to raise funds. They can also use their websites and blogs to encourage Twollar donations.

Our vision was that many charities would be represented on the Twollars website. Users could choose which charity to support. They could easily do this by simply donating their Twollars to their charity of choice.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It underlines the fact that Twitter can make a true difference in the lives of millions, and not just in the lives of many.

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How do you become a site user? Do you have to furnish specific information or is being a Twitterer enough?