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TwoFoods.comWhen it comes to finding nutritional information you can crawl the Internet for hours on end, and you will discover many websites that were solely created to provide users with detailed data about a variety of meals. This is quite a convenient service, isn’t it?

One of the best things about this site is the fact that it gets data from Platform. in order to deliver accurate results you will find truly useful. Twofoods gives you the chance to make an instant comparison between the nutritional data of different meals in a very simple way. In essence, this is a good way to know what would be more convenient for you to eat depending on your nutritional requirements.

The site is simple to navigate – it gives you the chance to enter the name of different items to see which food is the one that suits your health goals. Imagine that you want to compare a McDonald’s Big Mac with a Greek Salad or a Subway melt but you do not know how to do that. This will be the right solution for you to do it right away. In Their Own Words

“Twofoods allows you instantly compare the nutritional data of two food items to see which food suits your healthy eating goal.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is going to be an interesting solution for those who really need to know the nutritional data regarding any meal.

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How is this solution going to evolve?