– Tapping The Wisdom of the Crowd

TwoCrowds.comTWOCrowds takes its namesake from the James Surowiecki’s book ‘The Wisdom of the Crowds’. Essentially a social networking site, TwoCrowds is hedging its bets with the group.

The site’s aim is to see if patterns emerge from collective predictions, proving the crowd’s knowledge over that of experts. So, you join, you write down predictions about politics, news, celebrities– whatever comes to your head. TwoCrowds will then run your predictions through Yahoo’s Content Analysis API and News Search API to find relevant correlations. All predictions are listed and the number of agreements is tallied. So far, the predictions run from the tame and fairly obvious, ‘Apple will release a phone,’ to the bizarre, ‘The human/dog hybrid that was created in 2014 will release a phone in 2021’. Join today to see how many people share your vision of the future. In Their Own Words

“Welcome to TWOCrowds, a social predicting website. Here, you can share your predictions with the world and see how many others are of a similar mind and what they, in turn, predict will happen. You can add your predictions about anything:
• Politics (X will be the next President of the US)
• Sports (Team Y will win the Super Bowl or the World Series)
• Technology (Google or Yahoo will buy or merge with Company Z)
• Entertainment (Movie A or Actress B will win an Oscar)
… and so on. One of the goals of this website is to see how good all of us are, as a group, about predicting the future.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

TwoCrowds has got an interesting idea on its hands. It will make for an engaging experiment.

Some Questions About

TwoCrowds has got an interesting idea on its hands. It will make for an engaging experiment.

TwoCrowds is far too disorganized. The predictions are somewhat outrageous and also obvious. There are no profiles, and the news photos don’t appear (will that be fixed soon?) How will TwoCrowds manage to find any patterns?