Can’t Afford To Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly? Done. In 2 Minutes.

If you’re a website owner that’s been losing sleep while trying to figure out how to join the great migration to mobile, prepare to hear about a solution and to find some long-deserved rest. No, it’s not going to cost a fortune, and you’re not going to code for the next 10,000 consecutive hours.


Two Minute Mobile is a service that gives websites a mobile-friendly homepage with fast access to all of the most vital information and links – one-touch calling and email, one-touch maps and directions, social media links, and site navigation that will not send customers away. While not a full conversion or redesign, Two Minute Mobile is a fantastic option for businesses that want to meet the expectations of mobile users but are not yet poised to execute the transition or pay the costs.






For a one-time fee of $99, Two Minute Mobile ensures that a business is both easy to find and contact for mobile users. The service converts the essence of a company to the small screen and allows website owners to maintain an effective presence in the mobile world. Just enter your URL onsite for a free preview of your mobile homepage. This is a rather brilliant, affordable solution that also leaves desktop operations and search ranking intact. Founder, CTO and President, Andrew Mottaz tells us more:


What’s your company about? What do you do? Who are your customers?

Two Minute Mobile is a fast, easy and affordable way to make your existing website mobile-friendly. Our customers are small business owners across a wide swath of industries.


What’s the greatest thing about your company/website? Why is it better than the competition?

Two Minute Mobile is incredibly fast, easy and simple. Its also sold for a one-time licensing fee – no ongoing monthly charges. Our early customers are excited with the results, and its so cheap and easy that it’s hard for customers to find an excuse not to fix their mobile-web problems.


How’d you come up with the name for your company?

Fast and easy were our prime directives for product development. Two Minute Mobile really fit the bill.


What was your first computer? How old were you when you first got on the world wide web?

Apple II. About 29 when first on the web.


What time do you usually start work each day? How many hours a day do you usually work?

8:00a.m. 9-10 hours.


When’s the last time you went on vacation and where did you go?

Visited family in Midwest over Christmas.



When do your best ideas come to you?

Usually while walking around. After some time for ideas to gestate.


How many people did you start the company with and how many people work for you now?

1 other person. Currently 8 people.


A lot of people have big ideas. What gave you the confidence to actually go after yours?

I just like self-directed projects.


Remember the early days of starting up? Describe the struggles you went through.

Paying the bills, handling contracts, sales, etc. HR headaches. Mainly, that there is a lot of work involved running a business when I’d rather be coding.


How do you handle frustration? What has been your biggest professional frustration?

Focus on the outcome. Look for solutions. Accept the frustration. Selling software is harder than developing software – we have good products, and the effort involved in getting attention and growing our user base is sometimes very frustrating. Especially when I’d rather be working on product development.






What’s your office environment like? Do you listen to music? Watch movies? Play video games?

Pretty low-key office environment. I occasionally listen to music while working.


How do you picture your company in 5 years?

More products, more customers, more problems solved.


How’d you fund this venture? VC? Self-funding? Crowdfunded?

Small private equity and Angel, as well as bootstrapping.


Got any great bootstrapping tips for the lean startups out there?

Get your ideas in front of real, paying customers as soon as possible.


What other advice do you have for other entrepreneurs struggling to get started?

Focus on making the business profitable, and on solving real, pressing problems for customers. Must-haves, not nice-to-haves.




Two Minute Mobile Founder Andrew Mottaz



What would you do if you had a year off and $500,000 to spend (on something other than work)?

Spend it on the Greek island of Crete.


Do you consider yourself a successful entrepreneur? If not, what’ll make you feel successful?

Well – I’ve been in business for a while, but I’m not retired. Success, I think, is building a valuable business with products that others love and find essential.


Top 5 websites you couldn’t live without and why?

  4. (yes the new digg)


Information, distraction, education and productivity can be found from those sites.


Three people (other than you) we should follow on Twitter and why?

Rainn Wilson – because he’s hilarious. That’s it – otherwise you should read in-depth articles, not 140 character soundbites.


Where else should our readers find you online?


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