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TwizzleApp.comThe words “Twitter” and “mobile” match like nothing else. Is there anything better for a service which provides real-time updates than a tool or platform which lets users employ it while they are on the go? We all know the answer, and it is only reinforced by the sheer number of Twitter clients which are geared towards users of mobile devices, with those owning an iPhone always getting the pick of the bunch.


And as if they didn’t already have enough clients to go by, now they can add another one to the list. It is named Twizzle, and it is a free one.

Some of its most salient features include support for multiple accounts as well as every single characteristic communication functionality that we associate with Twitter – direct messages, retweets, threaded conversations…it has all been taken into consideration.

As I said on the first paragraph, this is a free tool. You can procure it on the site and get started in a direct fashion. Does it have what it takes for displacing another clients that come at a cost? Not yet. Will it let you tweet from your mobile in a simple way, without any unnecessary headache? Yes. And frankly, that will be more than enough for many a user out there. In Their Own Words

“A free Twitter client for iPhone.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is free and it does its job adequately enough. It will cover the needs of more than one Twitterer who wants to go mobile.

Some Questions About

In which ways could this be improved? Will paid services be eventually offered?

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