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TwittySigs.comThere are some other Twitter applications that already offer a similar service. However, TwittySigs is a new application that was created to provide users with the possibility to generate an image signature in a very fast and precise way.

One of the main differences between this solution and other similar ones is that this seems to offer a much more automated process.

After you create your image signature you will be allowed to use it on many places like forums and blogs or any other websites you want. In this way everybody will be able to know who you are and which your Tweets are. This solution was created to provide users with an accurate way to be identified. In case you want others to know exactly who you are this site gives you the chance to create your own image signature.

Whenever you use these signatures your latest tweet will be shown directly from This could be a good time for you to get a free Twitter Signature in a simple way. The process is not complicated at all and you just need to type in your twitter username and the rest of the process will be automatically done.

Are you ready to create your image signature? Yes? Well, you will learn how to do it at In Their Own Words

β€œIt’s easy and fun to create a TwittySig so what are you waiting for! Just type in your username below, then our script will do the rest for you.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will be mainly used among tweeters.

Some Questions About

Is there any additional feature coming up in the near future?

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