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TwitterVoteReport.comThis web-based initiative aims to use the power of Twitter in order to ensure that the upcoming election day goes as smoothly as possible for all concerned voters. Twitter Vote Report is actually a network of volunteers that have teamed together in a bid to make a contribution towards American democracy.

Via Twitter Vote Report, voters will not only be able to share their experiences and impressions on the long-awaited election day, but also to help each other out by posting messages related to voting problems that might occur, so that everybody can see them in real time as they are aggregated.

A “How to participate” section is included, and it provides step-by-step guidance on how to be part of this initiative. A “See it in action” category is also part of the premises, and the visualization features that the team hope to unleash on that important day are described. These include a Google Map that will turn reports into visual displays of where voting times are the longest and related considerations.

The site also features voting resources such as a link to the Election Protection Coalition website, along with news items of interest. Set your browser to if you need additional information. In Their Own Words

“Twitter Vote Report is an all-volunteer network of software developers, designers, and other collaborators have teamed up with the award-winning blog techPresident to launch this effort. The only resources contributed to this project are the participants’ time and expertise!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a well-thought resource that can provide useful information on the spot.

Some Questions About

Are there similar services that will be provided by other parties on that day, or is Twitter Vote Report the one and only endeavor of this nature?