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TwitterTale.comIf your Tweets are interleaved with expletives that would turn your grandmother pale and wishing for some soap, beware, for TwitterTale will reveal that dirty mouth of yours. You’ll be tattled on and your curses will be duly displayed for everyone to see.


On the site’s front page you’ll find the latest offenses posted on bare white lined paper (you’ll notice the school room theme takes you back to those days in the school yard when so and so constantly tattled on your chums misdeeds). Next to that, Twittertale offers up the top five naughty words and a list of regular offenders. A search bar allows you to scan for certain terms or users. In Their Own Words

“Remember those obnoxious kids who used to tattle on you? Hello, that’s us…”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This Twitter app works quickly and it’s utterly amusing. Tattle on yourself for kicks or check out how other Twitter users get acrobatic with their language. You’ve got to adore the tongue in cheek set up, the school room layout, and the tattle list of frequent offenders.

Some Questions About

The thing about TwitterTale is that it seems to lack a whole lot of features. There’s no Twitter account so that you can see the posts on Twitter itself which would be a somewhat contentious hoot. Also there are no RSS feeds for keeping tabs on terms or users. There’s the possibility too that some Twitterers may not be game about be called out.

Author : Siri Marshall

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