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TwitterSkinFight.comThose who claim that the Twitteverse is populated by nothing but timewasters will be able to support that vantage point if they give this site even a brief glance. Twitter Skin Fight revolves around a simple idea: users submit their very own profile designs and then others proceed to vote on these.


The one who receives the most votes is hailed as the winner of that particular bout.

Is there a point in this at all? Frankly not. It is not engaging to the ones who are “fighting”, either – the site involves little more than uploading your profile by clicking your mouse a couple of times, and then sitting back to see what happens. There is a “Top 100” list, but that was only to be expected. Otherwise, bouts would have no legitimate reason for existing.

I think the site would be more appealing if it let contestants comment on why their profiles are a cut above the rest. That banter could turn it into something marginally more attractive. Still, Twitter Skin Fight would have a long way to go before being even remotely captivating. In Their Own Words

“Twitter skin fight!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Twitterers who are particularly proud of their profile pages will find it worth a try. Hardly anybody else will, though.

Some Questions About

How many people will take to this?

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