– Auto Following People On Twitter

TwitterPerch.comIf you have been looking into ways of expanding your circle of contacts within Twitter, then a service such as this one will be of interest to you. In the most general terms available, it is a tool for following individuals that tweet keywords you specify beforehand.

Up to 20 new people can be followed per day using this system.

In order to use Twitter Perch you must log in using your Twitter credentials, or (alternatively) run it on your server. This is made possible because this tool is open source. This way, you can rest assured that your Twitter particulars are safe from prying eyes.

According to the way you approach social services and how you interact with others, a service like Twitter Perch will be more or less useful. Obviously, if you want to keep things as personal and studied as possible it might not appeal to you. But if all that you want is to let the tide take you and drop you somewhere new and different, then this solution will do that bit perfectly. In Their Own Words

“Automatically follow people who tweet about stuff you like.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those who wish to delve deeper into the ranks of Twitter can do so through such a service.

Some Questions About

Can you supply multiple keywords at the very same time?