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TwitterMySite.comAre you looking into ways of amassing a bigger Twitter following? If that happens to be the case and you have either a blog or a website of your own to use for self-promotion, then checking Twitter My Site might just as well be what you need.


In essence, it is a straightforward service whereby you can add a “Follow Me” button very easily to your website, and have people follow you right on the spot.

It is not the first solution that serves that function, but it is a direct and simple one. And it is wholly free, too.

All you have to do is key in your Twitter ID, add your text to the image (or leave it blank if you want none) and choose a color to go with. Once you are done, it is a simple matter of hitting where it reads “Generate My Button!” and choose from the designs that are provided there and then. They mostly follow the “Bird with the banner” motif that we all associate with Twitter by now. If you are allergic to it, I advise you to look elsewhere. But if you are not, you will get what you came here for and more. In Their Own Words

“Get customized buttons for Twitter.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If you are looking into attracting more followers this site will equip you for that pretty quickly and on the spot.

Some Questions About

Why aren’t more designs included? Why do the designs on sites like this always revolve around the very same motifs?

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