-Track Frequency of Words on Twitter -Track Frequency of Words on TwitterThe twittermeter is a cool tool that allows you to track the frequency of words that are used on Twitter’s public feed. By going to www., you can enter any word and the number of times it has been used will be plotted on a graph. The developer began collecting data in November of 2007 so you can also check back on word frequency from the last year. A fuzzy search option will search for any word that starts with what you type in the box meaning that if you searched for “twitter”, “twitter’s” would also come up. You can also plot multiple words on the graph, a great way to compare hits between Hillary and Obama for example. -Track Frequency of Words on Twitter In Their Own Words

Twitter meter let’s you query an index of all the words that have been sent to twitter’s public timeline since I started gathering them on 11/6/2007 and plot the number of times that word was used over time.

Why -Track Frequency of Words on Twitter It Might Be A Killer

While at first glance twittermeter appears to be quite useless, it could be an excellent way of tracking popularity of certain products or as a way of polling during political campaigns. Simply running a search for Hillary and Obama would allow one to compare which of the two had been mentioned more over a number of months. This data could be used to tailor campaigning efforts.

Some Questions About -Track Frequency of Words on Twitter

Will people want to search for words used on the Twitter public feed? Would more enhanced searching options like the ability to search for groups of words and plot them on one line help to increase popularity and utility of the site? -Track Frequency of Words on Twitter