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TwitterGrep.comTo quote the team behind it, “ aims to be the New York Times/Bloomberg Terminal of Twitter”.

It can’t be denied that social news is an exploding market, and any startup that mines the great news source that Twitter is has an inherent appeal. This alone makes this site worth a look.

The portal, then, is structured like an online newspaper that gathers together articles under headings like “Tech”, “Gossip” and “Sport”. There is also a “Front Page” where the breaking tweets are displayed, and where you can see who the most followed Twitter personas are.

No newspaper would be complete without some photographs to get ideas across, and that is why this online resource also includes a comprehensive collection of pictures for you to browse through.

All in all, the site is an interesting initiative that aims to combine traditional media with the latest developments as far as communications are concerned. You can reach it at the address provided below and determine whether or not such an approach is viable or not. In Their Own Words

“TwitterGrep takes the latest and greatest of Twitter and presents it in a simple NY Times style.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Twitter is always one step ahead of the latest news. As such, a service like this one is certain to interest more than one internaut out there.

Some Questions About

Shouldn’t more categories like “entertainment” be added to the existing ones so that it resembles a newspaper even more?