– Find Twitterers With Related Interests

Twitterel.comThis new Twitter-related service enables its users to find Twitterers with interests in common. This is implemented in a very straightforward way, too.

Basically, you insert a keyword or a couple of keywords and then you are presented with a list of Twitter users that have tweeped that very same term or terms. You can then start following them, and hopefully make Twitter more interesting for you.

The site includes a list of top keywords that can be displayed anytime you want if you are low on inspiration, or want to do some random exploration and find common ground that way.

Moreover, both a help page and a FAQ guide are included. These deal with aspects such as the maximum number of keywords that are allowed, along with information on how often the site is updated. There is also information on the matching system itself, and users that tweeped about something just once are not taken into consideration. This is to avoid spammers and keep things smooth. In Their Own Words

“By using on top of you can make your (virtual) life a lot more interesting, we thought of a way to connect to other twitter users (from all over the world) who share the same interests as you do.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes for an all-around suppler Twitter experience.

Some Questions About

Is it free?