– Personalizing Twitter’s DMs

TwitterDMer.comWould you like to get in touch with your new Twitter followers in a different, more personalized way? If that is so, then there is nothing wrong with you. Let’s face it, sometimes the direct messages that we send have a spammy look – not because we do not care, but because there is information that we do not readily have or can access instantly.

This solution attempts to get around this problem by sending messages where certain fields are automatically filled out using information that the user has included as part of his profile such as his geographical location, his personal website and so forth.

It can’t be argued that nothing beats such an approach. Speaking from experience, there is nothing I like best that being approached personally when someone wants to have his startup reviewed on our site. This creates a certain connection, and it denotes that the person who is contacting you did some research beforehand. As such, I think that a service like Twitter DMer is going to have a very good reception by tweetaholics everywhere. Compliments to the programmer (Sahil Lavingia) for such a well-conceived resource. In Their Own Words

“As of now we’ve been using simple, spammy-looking direct messages to get in contact with most of our new followers on Twitter. However, with Twitter DMer, you can now make each of your DMs unique by specifying specific user details to use.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

A tool like this one makes for a more personalized experience, and as such it is an excellent solution for breaking down some initial barriers.

Some Questions About

Do you have to register in order to use this service, or is providing your Twitter credentials all you have to do?