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TwitterDirectory2000.comTwitter Directory 2000 offers a new place for Twitter users to promote their Twitter profiles. The team behind it aims to give users more than just a directory listing.


The idea is that they will identify people that will follow you back if you intend to follow them. A Twitter listing here also comes with a link to the homepage associated with the Twitter profile, a link to the RSS feed for profile updates, Google PageRank, and Google backlinks.

This Twitter directory touts itself as the one and only Twitter directory that hand picks the premium users from Twitter. This “premium” aspect is showcased by the fact that you must have at least 2,000 followers and be active within the last 30 days to get into Twitter Directory 2000.

The “Twitter Users of the Month” are spotlighted on the opening screen for all to see who are setting the paces, although the results are completely obvious (“TheEllenShow” and “THE_REAL_SHAQ” were the ones at the top when I checked it out, and they are not likely to be displaced sometime soon if you ask me).

Finally, it is important to mention that as well as listing users the directory includes categories such as “Twitter Apps” and “Twitter News” in order to make the whole experience a more comprehensive one indeed. In Their Own Words

“Twitter Directory 2000 – Find Twitter Users – Promote your Twitter profile.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Finding out who is who on Twitter is made all the more easy thanks to a solution such as this one.

Some Questions About

How many users are already featured? Which categories are the most active ones?

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